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WhatsApp has added two new features to improve user security

Flash calls and message level monitoring have been introduced to WhatsApp for its users. The Meta-owned messaging network claims that these new features would improve the security of its users. In contrast to the message level reporting, the Flash calls function will allow users to rapidly check their phone numbers.

According to a statement from the company, Flash calls and message level reporting are two new safety features that WhatsApp is introducing as part of its “continuous effort to provide more safety and control to users,” “In addition to the host of other safety measures and product features that allow users to continue safeguarding their personal messaging experience”.

Users who have been dependent on the messaging platform may benefit from the addition of new features, which will allow them to log out of the app and keep close tabs on their social media activity.

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Two new features of Whatsapp

Flash call

The only way to get your WhatsApp account set up on a new phone before this was to use a text message code. WhatsApp is introducing a new option for users to verify their phone numbers through automated phone calls using Flash calls.

Using Flash calls, WhatsApp may call the user’s phone to verify their identity, removing the need for any further text message-based verification. SMS verification has been replaced by this new method, which the messaging platform claims are substantially more secure. All of the Flash calls are made from inside WhatsApp.

Message level reporting

This functionality has been planned for some time. Users will be able to flag messages on the site using this new feature. Using the long press on a message, they may then report or ban that user’s account.

The “Accept My Contacts” functionality has also been implemented in WhatsApp beta for Android 2.21.23, according to feature tracker WABetaInfo. WhatsApp’s “last seen” status, profile picture, and “about” information may now be controlled by the user.

After Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody, there will be a fourth option on the Last Seen settings menu: The “Accept My Contacts” option requires users to choose the contacts they don’t want to share information with. All alerts will still be visible to those who haven’t been chosen.

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