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How to download Instagram videos on your mobile and desktop

Not everyone has a constant high-speed Internet connection that permits them to download and watch all the information they want for hours without worrying about spending all the gigabytes of their data plan – but an affordable minute and data rates are more prevalent than ever before. As a result, tips and methods on how to save data are really helpful.

IGTV on Instagram allows us to publish lengthy films, stories, and short videos.  As Instagram doesn’t have a particular option for downloading videos, you’ll need to download a third-party application from the Google Play Store.

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is one of the most popular social media platforms on the market. Short videos were added to Instagram when Tik Tok was banned, and since then, people have taken use of this feature. IGTV on Instagram allows us to publish lengthy films, stories, and short videos. How to download Instagram videos is a question that has to be answered. A third-party application must be downloaded from the Google Play Store to achieve this since there is no unique function in the official app for downloading videos.

Download Instagram videos from a mobile phone

STEP 1: First, go to Google Play and download the app.

STEP 2: Download ‘Video Downloader for Instagram’ from the app store

STEP 3: Finally, open Instagram and select the video on your want download.

STEP 4: Right-click on the screen and choose “Settings.”

STEP 5: Select Copy Link from the drop-down menu.

STEP 6: Go to Video Downloader for Instagram and open it.

STEP 7: The application will now automatically paste the copied URL.

STEP 8: The video will now start to download.


Download Instagram videos from a desktop

Through a third-party website, you may download Instagram videos to your PC. To download videos from the platform, you must follow these easy steps. For example, savefrom.net can be used. This is a straightforward process.

STEP 1: First, type savefrom.net into your browser’s search box. For a limited number of users, Instagram has added two new functionalities to its platform.

STEP 2: Select the first link from the search results by clicking on it.

STEP 3: Log in to Instagram using a desktop computer.

Step 4: Copy the video’s URL and paste it into your browser’s address bar.

STEP 5: Paste the video’s URL in the field provided by savefrom.net and click “Save.”

STEP 6: Click on the Download button to begin the download process.

Finally, your video has been downloaded to your desktop.

There are a number of video downloading applications accessible in the Google Play Store. Video Downloader for Instagram is one of the applications that allow you to save a video.

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