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Delhi air pollution: How Effective are cheap Air Purifiers in Reducing Exposure to Polluted Air?

Consumers in Delhi NCR are rushing to purchase air purifiers for their homes and rooms in an attempt to minimize the “poor” and “severe” air pollution levels. However, do these cheap purifiers actually work?

People living in the northern region of the nation are struggling to take a breath as the air quality index (AQI) level continues to rise with each passing day. Consumers nowadays are frantically purchasing air purifiers for their homes and rooms in order to combat “bad” and “severe” air pollution levels in the hopes that their lungs would be less damaged.

Tarun Pathak, Research Director/Telecom Analyst shared some statistics, saying that the air purifier industry is likely to expand at a rate of “33 per cent this year, with two-thirds of all sales occurring during this time of the year.”

Due to poor air quality in key cities around India, the firm has “seen a significant increase in the demand for air purifiers in the market, which has coincided with the approach of winter and the frightening smog situation, which has served as a trigger.”

Affordably priced air purifiers able to deal with Delhi’s polluted air?

Delhi air pollution: How Effective are cheap Air Purifiers in Reducing Exposure to Polluted Air?

Pathak further said that the majority of people in India purchase air purifiers in the Rs 10,000 pricing bracket. There are a number of well-known companies, like Xiaomi, Realme, and more, that provide inexpensive air purifiers on the market. What’s more, are these purifiers genuinely effective? Are these systems capable of dealing with the high AQI levels in the Delhi NCR region?

The best air purifiers for places like Delhi, according to Pathak, are those with High-Efficiency Particle Arrestance (HEPA) filters, which can capture even the tiniest dust particles. Cheaper air purifiers are often built to deal with lower pollution levels, rather than the high AQI levels that are prevalent in the capital and surrounding states.

Xiaomi, Philips, and Voltas are just a few of the manufacturers that provide HEPA-filter-equipped air purifiers that are reasonably priced. In Delhi, Noida, Haryana, and other areas, a purifier that costs less than Rs 10,000 don’t include a HEPA filter, making it ineffective. This degree of pollution necessitates the purchase of a pricey air purifier that includes HEPA filters and other advanced technology.

Before choosing an air purifier, there are a number of things to keep in mind. When looking to buy an air purifier, there are several things to consider, and the filter is one of the most important. Other variables to consider when purchasing an air purifier include the size of the room, the pricing, and the after-sale service, among others..


 Factors Affecting Indoor Air Quality

 there are a number of additional things that impact indoor air quality, including the air exchange rate, outside temperature, weather conditions, and the behaviour of its occupants.

The rate at which indoor air is exchanged with the outside environment has a significant impact on the number of air pollutants. Infiltration, natural ventilation, and mechanical ventilation all contribute to a building’s air exchange rate, which is influenced by the building’s design, construction, and operating parameters. Ultimately, the air exchange rate is a function of infiltration, natural ventilation, and mechanical ventilation (air that is forced indoors or vented outdoors by ventilation devices, such as fans or air handling systems).


Impacts on Human Health

Indoor air pollution has the following health effects:

The eyes, nose, and throat are irritated.

Symptoms include dizziness, headaches, and exhaustion.

Diseases of the lungs, heart, and body.

Some common indoor air pollution (such as radon, carbon monoxide and Legionella bacteria) have been shown to cause health problems in humans.

Another field of study that is developing is “green building” design, construction, operation, and maintenance, which aims to increase energy efficiency while also improving indoor air quality in homes.

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